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Embassy International Fellowship (EIF) has been ordained by God as a present-day Apostolic Agency of Jesus Christ to help nurture and propel individuals into a place of mature sonship as a unified expression of Christ in the earth.  This mandate is accomplished through revelatory truth that unleashes the (1) power of reformation, (2) unity of the Spirit and (3) reconciliation to God's purpose for our lives, families and communities. 

EIF is a growing collaborative fellowship of churches, ministries and ecclesiastical leaders, representing diverse organizational affiliation, that desire to unify under the higher purpose of God for today’s church.  EIF trains, equips, matures, releases and covers five-fold functionaries and their works within the body of Christ, enabling each to realize and maximize the fullness of potential deposited by God within.

Bishop Anthony B. Johnson, ThD
Presiding Apostolic Bishop
& Chief Apostle
EIF General Guideline & Ministerial Requirements PDF
EIF General Guidelines &
Ministerial Requirements
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 Learn More & How to Connect
2014 Annual Convocation
Annual Convocation
Oct 23-26,2014
Kansas City, KS
Meet Our Presiding Bishop...
EIF Friends & Family Day
Friends & Family Day
Sept 14,2014
Kansas City, KS
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